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Magic File Renamer - Command-Line Parameters Guide

Magic File Renamer supports Command-Line Parameters, which can be used for automatic renaming, for example, from a batch file.


MFR /A:filemask [/P:preset-name] [/R] [/DIRS] [/HIDDEN] [/NORESULTS] [/CONFIRM]

MFR [pathname]

/A:filename Adds 'filename' to Rename List and switch automatic mode to ON (Files in Rename List will be processed and then MFR will close itself).
/A:filemask Adds all files satisfing 'filemask' to Rename List and switch automatic mode to ON.
/R Directory recursing (process also sub-folders).
/DIRS Process directory names too.
/HIDDEN Process hidden files too.
/NORESULTS Do not show renaming results after processing.
/CONFIRM Confirm each single rename.
/P:preset-name Loads the presets 'preset-name'.
/Pn:number Loads the preset with index of 'number' (where 1 is the first preset).
pathname Opens File List in 'pathname'. If 'pathname' is file path, add the file to Rename List. (Use this parameter in drag & drop operations).


MFR /A:C:\mp3\alternative /P:MP3 /R

MFR "/A:D:\My Wavs" /A:d:\wavs1\a*.wav /A:c:\windows\chimes.wav /Pn:11 /R /Confirm

MFR "C:\My Documents\document.doc"