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Magic File Renamer Help
Frequently Asked Questions


How do I start MFR is a specific folder ?
Supply the specific folder as a parameter to MFR program file, e.g. "MFR c:\my-folder".
You can also drag the folder and drop it on MFR's desktop icon.

How do I add only specific types of files in a folder and it's subfolders to the rename list?
Enter the desired filename mask at the text box below the filelist, like "*.mp3". In options window, ensure that "Recursively add sub-folders to rename list" is checked, and "Process folder names". Finally drag the parent folder to the rename list.

How do I add a single folder name to the rename list ?
In options window, check "Process folder name" and uncheck "Recursively add sub-folders to rename list". Then drag the folder into the rename list.

Is there a way to add only folder-name (and not filenames) below a specific folder to the rename list?
Yes, by setting mask filter to the string "." (period). Upon doing so, only folder will be shown in file list and added to the rename list.

Are hidden files added to the rename list when "Show Hidden Files" is off ?

How can I quickly remove a filename from the rename list?
By double clicking on it.

How do I export the rename list to a text file ?
Right click on an item in the rename list and select "Export to Text File".

Can I drag files directly from Windows Explorer into the rename list ?
Yes you can.

Can I manually rename files in the rename list ?
Yes, by pressing F2 when the item you like to rename is highlighted.

Can MFR be automated to operate on regular basis ?
Yes, by using MFR with command-line parameters from a batch file.

I am working with a very large list of files in the rename list, and the real-time previews MFR's perform after each change takes long time. Can I turn real-time preview off ?
Yes, by clicking on the "Preview" column header of the rename list or unchecking "Real-time Preview" in the "View" menu.

I did some renaming operations yesterday and now I want to undo some of them. Is this possible ?
Yes. Use the log feature of MFR to browse past renaming operations.

Can changed file attributes, date, time or ID3 tags be undone ?
Attributes, date and time can be undone. ID3 tags cannot.


Can I use same filter more than once at the same renaming operation ?
Yes. Simply add it how much times you like to the filters to apply list.

How do I cause a filter to operate on file extensions only ?
Double click on the filter in the filters to apply list and set "Apply To" to extension.

Is there something I can do that will save me typing text in edit boxes of filters ?
You can drag a filename from the file list or the rename list int oone of the edit boxes that except formatting parameters, to copy it into that text box.

How do I add a prefix or a suffix to filename ?
Use prefix or suffix as a format string in the formatter.
Prefix can be added also by using the inserter at position 1.

I am using the formatter's counter, but I want files in the rename list to be sorted differently that the auto sort MFR's perform. How do I do that ?
You can disable auto sort from the "Selection" menu and then drag files in the rename list to changes positions.

Can I rename files according to their parent folder names ?
Yes, use the formatter's "Folder" formatting parameter.

Can the replacer perform more advanced search than a simple text search ?
Yes, by using Regular Expressions. Be sure to check "Search string is a regular expression".

Can I use the string that matches my regular expression in the replacer's "Replace" field ?
Yes, Use $0.

Can I extract specific characters or tokens from a middle of filename ?
Yes, use the formatter's "Token" ot "Substring" parameters.

Can I manipulate date, time and size formats used in the formatter ?
Yes, customize these formatting parameters by clicking "Customize" in the formatting parameters list.

Can I rename the rename list from a text file ?
Yes, press the "Customize" button when the "Name List Entry" formatting parameter is highlighted. Then browse for your premade text file, or press "Import from Rename List" and then "Edit". Finally add the "Name List Entry" parameter to the formatter's format string by double clicking on the "Name List Entry" item.