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Magic File Renamer Help
Casing File Filter

Words are cased as they appear in the casing list. Case for words which does not found in the casing list is not left unchanged.
Words are seperated by the the default space character, which can be changed by adding the Space Char filter to the apply list before this filter.
Casing list is a simple text file, in which words are seperated by returns.

"Don't use casing list for words that start a sentence": when checked, the first word in the filename, and each word after the characters .!-   is left unchanged.


Casing list file contents:


"Don't use casing list for words that start a sentence" is checked.

Us And Them.mp3    >>>   Us and Them.mp3
With Or Without You.mp3    >>>   With or Without You.mp3

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