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Magic File Renamer Help
Magic File Renamer Versions History


Track # Field in ID3 Tag Setter filter now supports formatting parameters (allows you to add custom counter)
ID3 Tag Setter "Track #" Field was not saved correctly upon applying.
ID3 Tag Setter Filter's fields history was not saved from session to session.
"Name List" and "Counter" formatting parameters did not worked in the ID3 Setter.
ID3 formatting parameters yielded false values when fields in the tag were empty.
MFR's window size was not saved correctly.
"Trim But Left" filter trimmed one less character than it should.
An error was raised when right-clicking on the rename-list and no file was highlighted.
Click on the preview column resorted the files in the rename list.
Rename opeartion was auto-canceled when MFR need to show preview status window just before renaming (occured in tasks that demanded long computing). [Was fixed in MFR 5.02 R2 only]


ID3 Tag Setter filter now supports setting non-empty text fields only.
Filter customization panel now has scrollbars.
Fixed a bug - MFR did not saved it's window size on last session.
Fixed a bug - MFR did not saved the "Apply To" setting for filters correctly in presets and last session.
Fixed problems when loading a preset from command line by name.
Fixed a bug which caused MFR to "refuse" closing itself sometimes.
Default time units seperator in "MP3 Duration" formatting parameter is now ' instead of - .


MFR was totally rewritten using Borland Delphi 6.

New look and feel. Flat style and docking features canceled.
Introducing filters select / apply lists which offers better flexibility, by allowing user the apply same kind of filter more than once in the same renaming operation. Note that old preset files will not work in this version.
Network files support.
Errors console.
Manual rename from rename list is now supported.
Rename list exporting to text file.
Reset configuration option in the main menu.
Command-line params had some changes. See manual for further details.
Help now has new design. Added documentation for each filter. Tips were converted to FAQ format.
MFR options is now in a unique window.
Fixed a bug which caused folders not to be renamed when processed in same operation with it's parent.
Fixed a bug which caused program to crash when operating on folders with large numbers (thousands) of files.
Large preview operations now show preview progress, and can be canceled.
Rename list now accept files dragged from Windows shell (Explorer).
Added the "Changed Flag" column to the rename list.
Added a popup menu to the rename list opun right click.
Added an option to auto resize rename list columns width.
Drop-down list boxes now auto-complete text.
Each filter can operate on full filenames, initials or extensions.
New tree tool for selecting and customizing formating parameters.
Added "Remove Duplicates" filter.
Replacer now support "Replace only once in each filename" also when search string is a regular expression.
Replacer now support the $0 token in "Replace with" field, which will be parsed to the matched regular expression.
ID3v1 tags getting / settings now works faster.
Better support for ID3v1 tags - can read tags at any position in MP3 files.
Now supporting ID3v1.1, which means getting / setting of track field in ID3v1 tag.
Now supporting "Duration", "Bitrate" and "Channels Mode" attributes as formatting parameters.
Seperated ID3 tags set / removal to two unique filters.
Setting a custom field in an ID3v2 tag is now a stand-alone filter, to allow setting more than one in a single operation.
Inserter now supports an "overwrite" feature.
Fix Leading 0's filter now supports "First number only" feature.
Can use multiple different counters (with different settings) in one operation.
Can use multiple different name lists (with different settings) in one operation.
Size format parameter now supports digit after decimal point.
Casing file filter now supports "Don't use for words that start a sentence" feature.
Name List formatting parameters now supports "Import from rename list" command in Name List customization.
Auto preview when external text file editor is closed.
Added a deterministic (not random) weird case in Letters Case filter.


Added ID3v2 tag support for MP3 files. ID3 Setter can now set/remove both ID3v1 & ID3v2 tags.
MFR also supports now renaming according to ID3v2 tags - all ID3v2 text frames can be used in the formatter as Formating Parameters.
(Thanks to James Webb, for the Delphi ID3v2 Library).
Added Replace List feature in the Replacer. You can define a list of several replaces in a text file, and tell MFR to perform each of those replaces on each file in the Rename List.
Each preset is now in a single text file (same format as MFR.ini).
Note: Presets from previous versions of MFR are not supported anymore. You will have to recreate them.
Added 'Auto-close last.opened tab' option in View menu.
Some speed improvement in mass-renaming of files.
Fixed a bug in File List, which occured sometimes when sorting by 'Modified' column.
Fixed a bug which caused an error message when using 'Case List' feature on filenames ending with space as a last.char.
Fixed a bug which caused an error message sometimes when trying to view an help file from Help menu.
Fixed a bug which caused that when treating 'find string' as a Regular Expression in the replacer, 'replace string' did not support formatting parameters.
Updateed MP3 genre list.


This is mainly a bugfix release.

Option to view Options Panel in B&W.
Fixed a bug in the Leading 0's Fixer.
Fixed a bug in the Name List feature.
Fixed a bug in the String Inserter.
Fixed a bug which causes MFR not to remember window's settings.



MFR was totally rewritten from scratch, now upgraded to Borland Delphi 5.
The shareware version of MFR is now limited to 150 renaming operations.

Trimming from the middle of filename feature.
Seperate capitalized words feature (PhantomOfTheOpera.mp3 --> Phantom Of The Opera.mp3).
Strip text in parenthesis feature.
Inserter and Replacer can have formatting parameters.
New formating parameters selector.
Renaming from name list. (This feature is used using the formatter <NL> parameter).
New parameter for the formatter: <MIDs,x,y> for copying chars from the middle of s, positions x to y.
Regular Expressions support in the replacer. Check it out! Learn how to use Regular Expressions if you don't already know. It's in the docs.
(Thanks to Andrey V. Sorokin for the TRegExpr library)
Ablility to hide hints.
Fixed a bug in the casing file feature, which prevented MFR from changing the first word.
Unregistered users can now perform up to 100 renaming operations, instead of 150 as in MFR 4.0.
Fixed a bug which resulted in a 'Date Format Error' on some systems.
Whole new (cool) interface. All controls are now flat styled. Drag & Dock support added.
Added multisession log and undo support. That means you can undo not only the last.renaming operation, but any operation in the log.
Added up & down arrows when "Auto Sort Rename List" is off, to ease manual sort.
User can now decide after which characters to capitalize.
Insert string feature.
Fix leading 0's feature.
Trim spaces at beginning/end feature.
Added ID3 tag setter for MP3 files.
New and improved parameters for the formatter:
  • MP3 files ID3 tag parameters (artist, title, album, year, genre, comment).
  • Parent directory at level x.
  • Date & time params can be formatted according to user's choice.
  • Size param with automatic measuring unit (B,KB,MB,GB) or by user's choice.
  • Disk label parameter.
  • Drive letter parameter.
  • Random character from a specific range parameter.
  • Part x of the filename (where parts are separated by a specific char) parameter.
Option to create a batch file with renaming orders.
Undo feature now undo also dates & attributes.
Auto sort can be ascending or descending.
Filename length in the status bar (for selected filename in Rename List).
Added used filters indicator in the status bar.
User can drag a file from File List and drop it on edit boxes or on the date/time panel or on the attributes panel to enter it's properties to the matching panel.
File mask filter now remember last.20 filters instead of last.10.
Added "Used Filters Indicator" in the status bar.
Option to remember last.folder from previous session.
Warning when entering illegal chars in filename editboxes (like in the replacer or inserter).
Converted Tips Window into HTML format.


Due to the recent flood in file renamers I decided to give mine a unique name - "Magic File Renamer".
Magic File Renamer is now a shareware. There are no limitations of any kind. Just provided users who enjoy this program a way to support it. For further details about registeration see the new "About" screen under "Help" menu.

Many interface changes: Directory List was removed, Rename List was improved.
Added powerful real-time preview instead of the old preview.
Added adjustable horizontal and vertical splitters.
Improved manual sort control for files in Rename List (when "auto sort" is off, drag&drop files to/from Rename List)
List operations (add/remove item) on a large unsorted rename list are now much fast.r.
New feature: Change attributes/date/time for files in Rename List.
Capitalization feature was changed: Now capitalizing letters also after common word separators (like comma).
Changes in the trimmer: added "Trim all but first/last.x chars", removed "Trim from" feature.
Removed String Stripper feature - instead use String Replacer with empty replace string.
Numerator feature is now called "Formatter".
Added new parameters to the formatter's format string: parent directory, file size, file date, file time.
Added new feature to the formatter: 'Reset counter when switching directory'.
Magic File Renamer now remember it's last.position and size, and also the recent values in all of the combo-boxes.
User can now choose File List's View style (large icons, small icons, list, details).
Lot of more small changes ...

v2.00 (GUI version only)

Added Installation Program.
Added Tips window.
Added Filters Summary window
Added configurable presets. You can save your favorite filter configurations as presets.
Added ability to change filters applying order.
Configuration is now saved into an INI file.
Added option to view files in Rename List without full-path-name.
Added new feature to the numerator: Leading 0's.
.Added new feature to the trimmer: Trim From
Added command-line parameter:   renamer.exe [directory-name]    to start at the directory 'directory-name'. (use by dragging a directory into the renamer icon)
When dragging a directory from Directory List to Rename List, only files matching to filter are added.
Some cosmetic changes.
Fixed a bug in "Trim Last.quot;.
Fixed a bug in File List.

v1.95 (GUI version only)

Better File List: Windows Explorer style, with ability to execute files (Thanks to Leo D. Shih).
Some look&feel changes.
Added new case mode: WieRd CaSe (random, with ability to control in the percent of capitals).
Improved View/Preview Results screen: as a table. .
Fixed some cosmetic bugs in small fonts mode. .

v1.90 (GUI version only)

Added preview mode.
Added "Mask Filter" to File List Window.
Added new case mode: Sentence case.
Added new feature: String Stripper.
Added new feature: String Replacer.
Added new feature: powerful Numerator .
Added "Confirm changes" option.
Added "Auto show results" option.
Added "Sort Rename List" option.
Improved Renaming Results window.
Fixed a bug in directory listing.
Fixed tab order.


GUI version:

Much improved interface (menu, buttons, design, no "Options" window).
Improved "View Results" option (log to file, show only errors).
Added "Manual Rename" feature.
Some small bug fixes.

Console version (1.42):

Added "Log to file" feature.
Added quiet mode feature - show only errors on screen .

v1.52 (GUI version only)

Added presets for the modes MP3, Simple.
Added "Uppercase Initials" feature.
Fixed a bug in the "Maintain Space Around" feature.

v1.5 (GUI version only)

Added "Undo Last.Renaming Operation" feature.
Added "View Last.Renaming Results" feature.
In option "Maintain space around charachter": user can now choose the charachter(s).
In option "Maintain space after charachter": user can now choose the charachter(s).
Added option "Shrink all spaces".
Added option "Trim all charachters from the x charachter". .
Added option "Trim all charachters to the x charachter". .
Changed interface for "Options" window.


Fixed a little but cruel bug in GUI version, which prevented file names from changing in some cases. .


Added directory recursing.
Improved interface for GUI version. . .
Convert space to '_'.
Some bug fixes. .


Maintain space after "," ":" ";" "?" "!".
Process also sub-folders names of current folder (only one level!). . . .


Added a console version.
Convert '_' to space. ersion. . .
Maintain spaces around '-'.
Shrink multiple spaces.


Initial version.