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Magic File Renamer Help
Magic File Renamer 5.02 Overview

Magic File Renamer is a powerful tool to rename multiple filenames at once. It offers an extensive set of 30 advanced filters which you can use to perform almost any renaming task you could think of, and save you many frustrating hours of manual renaming.
MFR is designed to be very flexible, user friendly and highly customizable.
MFR's MP3-specific features make it ideal for MP3 collectors, but if you are a musician, graphic artist, digital camera user, programmer, system administrator or file collector of any kind, MFR might just be what you need.
Magic File Renamer is an heavy duty file renamer, suitable also for renaming masses of files and optimized for speed. It offers also real-time preview, multiple undo, renaming log, command line parameters for batch processing and much more.


Shareware Information:

Magic File Renamer is a shareware product. The shareware version is usage-limited, which means that after 100 renaming operations, MFR will lock itself and you will not be able to rename any more files using it.
Registration fee is 15 US$. Once you register, you will get a personal license code, which will allow you registering your copy.
Registeration entitles you free upgrades for all of the future releases of MFR, and better customer support.
For your convenience, handle payments collection. The company supports many methods for paymant through a secured web site or phone.

If you want to register, visit MFR's web site for further details.

Written by David (Dudu) Ohana, Israel
Users are welcome to send me comments and suggestions for future improvements.
Visit MFR's web site at:

** The author is not responsible in any way for any damage this program might cause when not used properly.

Borland: for their Delphi product.
Andrey V.Sorokin: for the Audio Info component and the TRegExpr library.
James Webb: for the ID3v2 unit.
David Butler: for the Delphi Fundamentals library.