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Shareware information and registeration

Magic File Renamer is a shareware product. The shareware version is usage-limited, which means that after 100 renaming operations, MFR will lock itself and you will not be able to rename any more files using it.
Registration fee is 15 US$ (for a single license, multiple licenses have volume discounts). Once you register, you will get a personal license code, which will allow you registering your copy.
Registeration entitles you free upgrades for all of the future releases of MFR, and better customer support.
For your convenience, handle payments collection. The company supports many methods for paymant through a secured web site or phone.

How do I register?

Registeration is handled by the third-party company, which let you purchase the software on-line, via a SECURE SERVER with a credit card, or via Voice, Fax, or Postal Mail. Few minutes after your registeration (credit card) is authorized by, You will get personal email from me, with your serial number and my thanks.

Purchase this product NOW at

To register click here:

If you are having difficulty accessing the secure server, please visit:

Thank you!

Volume Discounts for Magic File Renamer

Volumes Price per Volume
1-4 15.00 US$
5-14 14.00 US$
15-49 13.00 US$
50-99 12.00 US$
100-199 11.00 US$
200 + 10.00 US$