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This review appeared at Sarasota PC Monitor's June 2001 issue. You can see the full article here.

Magic File Renamer

Here's a precious little gem that is completely unique and without parallel or competition. It does what no other software in creation can do. Let's say you have a folder full of files and you want to modify all or any number of the file names or attributes at one time. This is the application that can do the job for you instantaneously, easily, and perfectly. For example, it can among an endless variety of other things perform these functions on any selected number of files within a directory simultaneously:

  1. Change of the case of any words, letter or letters in any location within a file name.
  2. It can insert spaces within or adjacent to any selected group of file names.
  3. It can trim any character or groups of characters within any selected group of file names.
  4. It can replace any character or group of characters within or adjacent to any selected group of file names.
  5. It can change any formatting within or adjacent to any selected group of file names.
  6. It can change the file attributes of any selected group of file names.
  7. It can sort your renamed files in a variety of ways that you choose.

Within each of these categories, there are endless refinements and tweaks that you may select to perform. We tried a number of these selections within a hefty number of files/folders. The program works to perfection! You can also readily change or undo any functions you have performed.

Currently in Version4.0, Magic File Renamer is yours to try free for a time, and then costs all of $15 if you want to keep it. Previous versions which also work quite well are free. And where is the staff of programming geniuses responsibly for this little gem? It exists in the form of a single young Israeli named David Ohana who would be hardly old enough to vote in this country. It exemplifies the genius of the software industry that is flourishing and rapidly expanding in Israel.

You can find out more about Magic File Renamer and download a trial copy at