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Magic File Renamer is a powerful utility which can rename multiple filenames. It's great for using on file collections, or files downloaded from the net (like MP3's or an image collection). Use it if you are a file collector of some kind, and hate (like me) to see a directory in which some of the files are uppercased, some capitalized, some with spaces and some with underscores, etc., or have a lot of files which need automatic renaming to a custom format.
Magic File Renamer is an heavy duty file renamer, suitable also for renaming masses of files and supports many advanced renaming operations. The user interface, however advanced, is intuitive and easy to learn.

See a review of MFR as appeared at 'Sarasota PC Monitor'

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Shareware information and registeration
What's planned for the next version?
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Magic File Renamer v4.4 (Released at: 28/7/2001)

With setup program, 630KB Download from TUCOWS Download Site #2 Download Site #3
No setup, 488KB Download

Magic File Renamer v3.00 Release 2 (has no limitations for the shareware version):

MagicRenamer300.exe with a setup program, 480Kb
MagicRenamer300.exe mirror no setup, 370Kb mirror

The mirror site should be slower. Try it as a second option.

Shareware Information:

Magic File Renamer is a shareware. The shareware version is usage-limited. That means, after 100 renaming operations, you will not be able to rename any more files using the software.
Registration fee is 15 US$. Once you register, you will get a personal license code, which will change the program status into "Registered" status. Registration will stay for all further versions.

How do I register?

Registeration is handled by the third-party company, which let you purchase the software on-line, via a SECURE SERVER with a credit card, or via Voice, Fax, or Postal Mail. Few minutes after your registeration (credit card) is authorized by, You will get personal email from me, with your serial number and great thanks.
Also, your are more than welcome to send me email with notification about your registeration, opinion about the program, requests, etc..

Purchase this product NOW at

To register click here:

If you are having difficulty accessing the secure server, please visit:

Thank you!

What's Planned for the Next Version?

Do you have any suggestion?

Users are really welcome to send any comments and suggestions for improvements.

  About the author:

My name is David (Dudu) Ohana, I am 22 years old, I live in Israel. I am a graduate of the Israel Technological Institute - the Technion, where I have learned computer science. Currently I am serving my country in the army. I usually work with Borland's Delphi - the greatest programming language ever!
Send me mail at:


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